Corporate / M&A

The central area of our activity is corporate law (company and partnership law). We advise and support limited liability companies and partnerships in start-up, restructuring, capital changes, transformation of company form, and joint ventures. We draw up company agreements and partnership agreements, prepare annual general meetings, and provide support in conduct of these meetings.

We have relevant experience on seller and buyer side in sale/acquisition of companies, and are familiar with the specifics of the legal areas that have to be observed in such transactions. In particular we provide support of Share Deals, Asset Deals, Management Buy-Outs, Management Buy-Ins and auction procedures and advice companies taking up Private Equity as well as venture capital companies in investment of their funds.

We advise limited liability companies and partnerships, management boards and other bodies of these companies in all matters arising in operating business. We take on dispute settlement and in-court representation in disputes concerning the company relationship, and between companies and their officers.

In the context of an ungoing support and advice we provide corporate housekeeping and train in compliance issues.

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