Business Law

Business law advice in all its facets is the focus of our services. We provide comprehensive and competent advice and assistance.


Business Law

Business law includes all legal norms and measures that regulate the activities of those involved in economic life. Business law is thus the generic term for the law of economic transactions and consists of many different legal sub-areas. These include, for example, commercial law, corporate law, but also civil law, with its regulations on sales and service contracts or on civil law partnerships.

We see ourselves as a service provider for our clients, helping them through the thicket of different business law norms. We have made it our business to facilitate our clients' business activities by creating a stable and secure basis in business law and eliminating any difficulties that may arise. Our clients should be able to concentrate on their core business. We provide the legal environment in which this is possible.

In business law, we mainly advise medium-sized companies and the persons who work for these companies. These are in particular shareholders, managing directors, board members and supervisory board members. We advise partnerships and corporations, but also sole traders, such as commercial agents. In addition, we advise employees.

Our business law advice covers the entire life cycle of a company, from the establishment of a company to business law support during its active operation to the sale of a company and company succession. Our lawyers advise national and international clients on business law matters in German, English, French and Dutch.

Our activities in business law include in particular the following sub-areas:

  • Drafting of articles of association
  • Drafting of shareholders' agreements
  • Appointment and dismissal of managing directors
  • Drafting of managing director agreements
  • Termination of managing director agreements
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Warning of employees
  • Dismissal of employees
  • Drafting of distribution agreements, agency agreements, licence agreements
  • Drafting general terms and conditions
  • Registration of trademarks or patents
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Corporate transactions (M&A), drafting of company purchase agreements
  • Structuring of company succession
  • Advice on avoiding liability in the event of insolvency
  • Data protection