Litigation - Arbitration

We represent the commercial, financial and personal interests of our clients throughout Germany in out-of-court dispute resolution, in court and in arbitration proceedings


Litigation - Arbitration

One focus of our legal practice is - quite traditionally - advising and representing our clients in complex commercial and civil disputes - procedural law.

In the pre-litigation phase, we advise on options for amicable conflict resolution and the avoidance of litigation, e.g. through mediation, dispute resolution or moderation. The advantage of an out-of-court settlement usually lies in the time and cost savings. It also often offers more flexible options for solving problems than court proceedings.

If it comes to litigation, we represent our clients throughout Germany before all civil and labour courts as well as in arbitration proceedings (e.g. DIS, ICC, GMAA). Our in-depth knowledge of procedural law, our many years of experience in (sometimes very extensive) court and arbitration proceedings and our passion for litigation enable us to provide committed, targeted and assertive representation in all disputes.
Our litigation work focuses on shareholder disputes, directors' and officers' liability proceedings and claims for damages. Together with our clients, we analyse the relevant facts of the case and develop procedural strategies for the best possible enforcement of their interests. Before conducting any litigation, we discuss with our clients the procedural processes and options for action (e.g. ordinary proceedings, documentary proceedings, interim legal protection) and also set appropriate procedural priorities. In appeal proceedings, we work closely and trustingly with renowned BGH lawyers.

In litigation law, we are particularly active in the following areas:

  • Corporate litigation / corporate law disputes
  • Commercial law disputes
  • Commercial law disputes, in particular arising from distribution agreements
  • Labour law disputes
  • Enforcement or defence of claims for damages
  • Contestation of shareholder resolutions
  • Withdrawal of shares/exclusion of shareholders for good cause
  • Directors' and officers' liability proceedings (D&O)
  • Post-M&A disputes
  • Capital market disputes, in particular enforcement/defence of investor claims
  • Disputes arising from loan agreements and guarantees
  • Enforcement of claims and defence against unjustified claims
  • Defence against insolvency avoidance claims
  • Representation in summary proceedings, interim legal protection
  • Implementation of all enforcement measures