Inheritance Law

Inheritance law advice and representation for estate and succession planning before the occurrence of the succession and for safeguarding your interests after the occurrence of the succession.


Inheritance Law

Timely succession planning can ensure the transfer of assets and the continued existence of a family business. If the course is not set in time for the preservation of the entrepreneurial life's work or family property, these threaten to be broken up and sold to third parties in the event of succession.

We advise on inheritance law in estate and succession planning and also represent clients in disputes on inheritance law, for example in the event of succession.

The protection and preservation of the family business as well as family peace when assets are passed on, are at the centre of our advice in inheritance law. We develop solutions for asset structuring (e.g. through the establishment of family companies, family pools or foundations) and long-term succession planning, which in particular covers business succession and investment management.

In addition to the drafting of testamentary dispositions (wills, inheritance contracts), succession planning also includes gifts during one's lifetime, in particular of real estate and shareholdings. In this context, we also advise in particular on usufruct and on powers of attorney for provident purposes for entrepreneurs. If assets are also located abroad, we identify which law of succession applies to them internationally and, if necessary, work together with one of our partner law firms in the international TAGLaw network.

Our activities in the field of inheritance law also include advising and supporting beneficiaries of compulsory portion, co-heirs and other parties involved in the inheritance disputes, executors of wills in the settlement of the estate, compulsory portion settlement claims and in the event of insolvency of the estate.

Our main areas of practice in inheritance law are

  • Business Succession
    • Establishment of family companies, family pool
  • Establishment of foundations
  • Drafting of testamentary dispositions
    • Wills
      • Prior and subsequent inheritance
      • Legal successions
      • Joint wills ("Berliner Testament"
      • Legacies
      • Disinheritance of the legal heir
      • Statutory compulsory share
    • Contracts of inheritance and renunciation of inheritance
  • Gift promises on death
  • Support for executors of wills
  • Assertion of claims under inheritance law
    • Claims to inheritance and compulsory portion
    • Claims to information
    • Contestation of wills
    • Disclaiming of inheritance
  • Insolvency of the estate
  • Legal representation in inheritance disputes